Friday, August 21, 2009

Are we living the spirit of Independence Day

Today is Saturday, 15th August, 2009. Sitting at my desk, logged onto face book as a usual habit and was greeted with flood of messages; happy independence day, Salute our soldiers at Siachen glacier, toughest battlefield, You Tube videos of jan gan man..and more.

Just seeing all those messages I wondered what Independence Day really means to the youth of India: the promising “youth” of India which is the face of emerging India responsible for developing a strong middle class. The youth which imbibes in it all the qualities which “India incorporate” tries to portray and demonstrate in the world forum.

Do we tend to feel any more patriotic on this day? Do we realize and understand what does this day has given to the present youth to celebrate? Do we recall, remember and understand the words or our great national Anthem? Or is it simply a break from school and office for us. Is it simply a day to sit back and fly kites? What does Independence Day really mean to the youth of India? I am again questioned and try to seek the answer within myself.

When I see movies and documentaries like City of joy, Black diamond, Constant Gardner and hear horrendous stories from Congo refugee camps, Sierra Leone, Brazil, I am forced to think and thank for what was given to us 50 years ago by Indian people. Until this date when some part of the world is still fighting for mere existence, fighting for civil rights, fighting for woman liberation, fighting for equality and racists discrimination, I am humbled to thank what I always took for granted : my independence, my nation’s independence. Thinking about the state of the children in these parts of the world and woman who are sexually assaulted and raped, I am shaken and made alive to the fact of the sacrifices our forefathers made for us to see the light of the day today. I am what I am today and I owe that to the soldier’s who fought for our independence 50 years back and also to them who are currently ensuring we live in safe environment.

I am at crossroads today and questioning myself what is that I am giving back to society which was given to me in platter so many years back. I am today asking myself all questions without having any immediate answers. But yes. It’s an awakening to realize to pay back the society in some way. How and what way still remains unanswered and makes my heart anxious and stirred to seek the answers.