Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Delhi Rape case

So what if  we have another incident of gang rape. Maybe the 500th one.
What so different about it that the whole nation and the social networks react with candle lights vigils and shout at the government demanding capital punishment for the rapist. How is this gang rape any different from the 12 gang rapes that happened in Haryana over a period of just one month and was termed as "conspiracy to malign the government". The underlying difference was what has always gripped India as Haryana rapes was of a Dalit women and this is of medical student in Delhi, the metropolitan and the capital of Incredible India. Why today we have Jaya Bahchan and Sushma Swaraj shouting there lungs for capital punishment and quick administration of justice? How are the 2 rape cases and the scars they inflicted on woman any different?

I do not mean to belittle the shocking incident that took place in Delhi recently, but being honest to myself has the similar incidents not been reported every month in national dailies about village gang rapes, the women exploitations, naked parade of woman and more. So this incident for me is yet another of similar degree. And this incident makes my belief stronger that India still lives and thrives in it's beliefs and ideologies in some medieval century. We are still in strong grips of the same evils that shaped our society in the past mainly being casteism , racism, religion and the underlying Manusmiti ( Girls are supposed to be in the custody of their father when they are children, women must be under the custody of their husband when married and under the custody of her son as widows. In no circumstances is she allowed to assert herself independently.)

Women in the history of India has always been subject to exploitation being a meeker member of society and always depicted as a sex symbol ( our Bollywood movies and Item dance numbers add perfect imagery to that notion). Woman are nothing but a subject of hour glass figure meant to be leered at. Today's Indian men cannot handle the sensuality of a woman and the changing image of her and in order to exert that control and influence he has to use power and his manhood to prove his superiority.

Who needs to change? Is it not for the entire society to accept the new face of Indian woman and in which I will like to include all Indian woman and not just living in cites like Delhi and Mumbai. Yes we need to react! We need to do something! We need to make an exemplary punishment for these rapists. Not only capital punishment but I will like them to be stoned in public and let them rot and die. I will not even think it's barbaric. That's what they deserve and should get for stripping  a woman of her pride, dignity and her existence. I hope someday in my life I am able to see a new face of "Incredible" India.

Yet another shooting..yet another outpour

As the nation reeks under the shock and tragedy of the elementary school shooting at Connecticut , I am forced to think about my safety as well. Today I was sitting in deli and having my breakfast and coffee, I suddenly felt unsafe. Being pregnant and carrying my little daughter, the mere thought of not being able to protect her, suddenly overpowers me.

I can't help but reaching a stage of paranoia where every place I go it grocery shop, mall, theater seems a place where someone can start the whole madness of shooting innocent lives.
What am I to do? It is almost 15 years since Columbine massacre happened and we are still wondering what is the right time to talk about the gun control.

The same day that Connecticut shooting happened,  another similar incident happened in a village of China where a man stabbed 20 school children. All of them are now recovering in the hospital. But what chance do you have against this mindless gun killings? Today the country is an argument that definitely gun control needs to be addressed and at the same time the mental illness and stigma associated with it. What is more disturbing is the pattern in all these shootings where the average age of killer is not more than 25. So we are not talking about a  frustrated, tired with life , alcoholic disgruntled man of 50 but youngsters who have barely started there independent lives. Dave Cullen author of the book Columbine said in his one of the interviews that we have to take out the word "snap" from dictionary when talking about these homicidal killers as there are enough events and warning signals that lead to the event and not just happen in spur of the moment.

I feel helpless and challenged at the same time as how to make this world a safer place for our future generations. I am forced to think and act as to what action do we take and after how many more massacres will we react than just sit and mourn about the unspeakable grief. Hopefully this incident will not be erased out of public memories for long before a new one shakes us again.

So till then, what do I do?
Maybe go and buy a gun to protect my offspring! A pure animal instinct.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner menu

And yesterday was the thanksgiving. For the first time, I planned a thanksgiving feast with another friend and the glimpse of the menu is below for everyone to see. A day which involved huge planning, hiccups, constant flow of emails and trips to grocery stores, it was a huge success.

Spinach artichoke dip with toasted baguettes
Mozzarella Al Caprese
Deviled eggs
Pita hummus

Dinner Menu

1st course:
Crab meat puffs - Roohi
Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Turnovers
Baked Stuffed JalapeƱos
Butternut squash soup

Main course
Turkey with cranberry sauce
Warm biscuits / dinner rolls.
Chicken Biryani

Side dishes:
Green bean casserole
Rosemary olive oil baked vegetables
Greek potatoes

Red wine dark chocolate cake
Pumpkin cheesecake

Drinks: Wines and cheese

More to come by next week. Thanksgiving weekend is still on and lot many more activities of the weekend still to happen. Pictures to follow.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving countdown

It's day 1 after my self imposed rule to write. When I made the blog, I always knew the difference between writing a blog, maintaining a journal or writing a personal diary. And now one year later maybe the fine line is slightly getting faded. So before writing anything,  I will like to apologize to my readers ( thanks for being loyal) that maybe you will be inflicted with very boring and mundane writing. This is being done as my husband will always say for larger scheme of things to come.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and  I am in the process of baking cakes for some of my dear friends in this city who have managed to make my life in this city so much more enriching than what the city by itself could offer. Till the next week I am going to be baking at least 5/ 6 cakes.  It's the most wonderful time of the year and a time to even express your feelings for the loved ones.
As I am writing this I am wondering why we do not have such a festival being celebrated in India. A festival to mark the togetherness of the family, meant only for the family to celebrate and making sure everyone flocks together on this day. I am guessing with new trends and culture and increase of nuclear families in India, in another decade we will have something on the lines of thanksgiving being celebrated in India as well.

Fun facts of thanksgiving :

1. It is said that on thanksgiving an average American consumes 5000 calories in 1 day!!!

2. The author of the nursery rhyme " Mary had a little lamb" Sarah  Hale,  was responsible for making Thanksgving a national holiday for Americans in 1863.

3. In the US, about 280 million turkeys are sold for the Thanksgiving celebrations.( maybe I consume 1/2). 280 million..can you believe that number and it translates into 3 billion in sales.

4.  Interesting Turkey fat : Due to the white meat being the most popular part of a turkey, turkeys have been bred to have huge breasts.  So much so that modern day domesticated turkeys are no longer typically able to mate, due to the breasts getting in the way of the male mounting the female.  As such, most hatcheries use artificial insemination to fertilize the eggs of the domestic turkey. ( such a sad life for poor turkey..I feel bad reading this)

In the end here is a quote for laughs.

"I love Thanksgiving's the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breasts."
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hope you have enjoyed reading this. More to come before Thursday 24th November.

Roohi Ahuja

Friday, November 18, 2011


When I started writing in 2010, few friends told me that it's hard to keep your blog alive. And looking at my number of entries of 2011, sure I agree that it's not been very easy. Is it important to write to keep the blog alive or wait for an inspiration to pen down your thoughts?

Well considering that I have waited for inspiration, 2011 has not been a very productive year as the year itself has been very hard with lot of professional and personal issues. Going through the blog today, I feel I should have continued to write even if managing few lines. I think writing without inspiration is harder because you do not know what you want to write about. But not writing at all is lethal because you loose the habit of it completely which I have now and feel very upset about.

It's the year end and festive spirit is in the air. I need to let my hair down, tap my feet , take the camera and walk the streets to enjoy the ending of 2011.
Let's see how much of this resolution is kept alive.

(the dead writer trying to bounce back)

Monday, November 14, 2011

For Renee:

My dearest darling
as you are getting used
to the new surroundings
No longer in the warmth of the womb.
I want to thank you
for the hopes
you brought in this household.

Your footsteps
marks a beginning of
a spring full of joy
blossoming of flowers
of past rekindled
as sweet perfume
in the air.

How I wish
You could have come a little earlier
for the happiness
to have been complete.
But I thank god
for sending me
a pretty angel
to remind me
that life never
stops running.

Move on and look ahead
for the very next turn you might
get hit by as pleasant surprise
as you Renee!

Welcome to Kapur family!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Roohi

Oh! How I recall
My nightly walks
to my parents room
waking them up
at 12.00 in the night
asking them to wish me
Happy birthday.

It was a ritual
followed for twenty five years
until I got married
and moved out of that life.

Its that time of year again
and the clock is ticking
telling me that I am
just an year older.

And I recall
my nightly walks
no longer possible
no longer waking them
asking them to wish me again.

Happy Birthday Roohi!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011

It's one year anniversary of my blog.

I started writing at the end of last year and 2010 resolve was to write. Output : 64 blog writings which by itself is not really commendable but definitely appreciable by my standards.

Again I think back and ponder of happenings of 2010. What was good, what went wrong, how could I have made it better. 2010 will actually be one of the memorable years of my life wherein again third time in my life I came face to face in the situation of seeing my loved ones fight death and this time they came out victorious much to joy of the entire family. That was the highlight event of this year.

I wish everyone a very Happy 2011. Health and happiness for all my readers. Wish that 2011 brings a lot of freshness and lot of travel. New places to explore, wander and happenings.

As the year passes
and the next year knocks
ready to bring
its hopes and fears.
Nothing comes without a price
I let this year go by
and embark on the journey
of the next year.

Hola 2011.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Anonymity of city
Cacophony of traffic
Infinite weekend public.
I am lost
walking down the London streets.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

The bell rings
letting me know
the party has began
Christmas is here!
and Santa waits to
give me gifts.

Every year I decorate the tree
with ornaments hanging from each leaf
A new ornament to keep
for all the years to pass by.

As the years pass
increasing my collection
of cherish pieces
reminding me that
each Christmas year was Merry Christmas.

Enjoy this time of the year with friends and family supplemented by food and wine.
Wishing everyone Merry Christmas!