Monday, April 26, 2010

Circle of Life

When I was young
my mother used to tell me
don't worry
everything will be all right.

I went for my job interview
and did not make through.
All they said was
don't worry
everything will be all right.

How I believed those words
till late in my life
that whenever they said
everything will be all right
It will be all right.

Today I walk back home
carrying my mother's report
I am thinking
how would I tell her
she has six more months.
And I reach home
All that I am able to say is
don't worry
everything will be all right.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How beautiful you are!

Did I ever tell you
how beautiful you are.
With your long curly hair
tied in a bun
and a simple red bindi
adorning your forehead
How beautiful you look
in that yellow saree.

I can imagine
how my father would
have fallen in love with you.
You are yet to tell
me how he proposed you.

As you look in the mirror
with wrinkled skin
and falling hair.
The head covered in
a scarf
to hide the bald scalp.
I wonder what you must be thinking.

I remember seeing you
the last time.
Looking just the same
with a simple red bindi
adorning your forehead.
And I thought
Why did I never tell you
how beautiful you are!

First Monsoon

I stood in the rain
enjoying the water
splashing on me
The first monsoon
of the season
drenching me.

The sweet smell
of the soil.
The dancing birds
in the sky.
The children
jumping in the puddles.
The grown-ups
under the shelter.

How can you miss
the first monsoon.
How can you
sit back and see the rain.
How can you not come out
and enjoy the rain.

The sight and splendor
as the rain quenches
the thirst of the dry earth.
The squeals and laughter
the wet clothes
the rainbow of umbrellas
adding to the splendor.

Let's go
to dance in the rain
and feast on the waters from heaven.
We cannot delay
to miss the first drop of
the falling rain.

Monday, April 19, 2010

One Night Stand

Lying back on the grass
under the dark sky
just you and me
counting the stars
on a moonlit night.

Endless seamless sky
no boundary
that's how I imagined
our love would be like.

The halo around the moon
The twinkling stars
The darkness
with streaks of light
enveloping us
like a blanket in the night.

"When we made love
you used to cry
I love you like the stars above,
I'll love you 'til I die."

The night it was.
Naked under the sky
With those memories
I said adieu to you
at the sunrise.

Friday, April 16, 2010

In Anticipation

My heart was fluttering
My beats were fast
My stomach was unable to eat
I was waiting for you call.
I looked at the watch
tried to kill three hours
knowing that you will call me
only after your work.

I was unable to read
I kept on running
in my head
what would I say.
I waited and waited
thought and thought
the decisions we need to make
the decisions I was scared to take.

Finally you made the call.
All that I had been thinking
miraculously vanished from my head.
All that I thought was
at least you made the call.
I didn't want to argue
to explain
to fight
to decide.
All I wanted was
for you to tell me
that you love me!

Nothing comes easy.
Was it something I said
or something I did.
The words I want to hear
are miles away.
Again as the night falls
I will start waiting for your call.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Distant Wavelengths

I wandered till I
reached a familiar sight
Saw your name engraved
on the stone.
Recalled the years of your life
not by memories but by
time line.

The soft breeze
blew my hair
covering my face
to hide the tears
slowly swelling
in my eyes.
I talked to you
making you updated
with the worldly news.

I had graduated
and mom was married.
The war had been called off
and your dearest friend
had recently joined you.
Maybe you already knew that.

I had no more to tell
I wish I could hear
your side of stories too.
I could laugh with you
and argue with you.
How dull was my life
without our little arguments.

It was time to leave
till I meet you again.
And do the same ritual
Still I thank God
That I am in same town
as you are
to come and talk to you again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unconditional Love

The deep hazel green eyes
dimple on the left side
cooing to make me feel your presence
a smile to welcome me home.

I can't recall what I felt
when I first held you in my hand.
The time flies
I already see you growing every day
recognizing me
and your little abode.

 The unprecedented joy
The overwhelming emotions
The feeling of being wanted
The new spring of love in my life!

Your little hands
fluttering in air.
Your little legs
trying to walk ahead.
Your eyes
searching for me
knowing this is where
I can demand anything.

As we both grow older
we will learn to love each other
Sometimes we will disagree
Sometimes we will fight
Sometimes you might feel
what did you ever do to get me
in your life.

But in the hearts of hearts
we know
we are tied by strings of feelings
which will keep coiling itself
making us closer
day by day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


A dew on a petal
Tear on your cheek
Ink drop on a blank page
Drop of honey in your everyday tea.
A drop of Napa in your glass.

A drop of water to thirsty throat
A drop of blood to a dying man.
A drop of medicine to a blind eye
A drop of hope to a falling heart. 
A drop of life to a tired mind.

A single drop
Varied forms
Mutiple significance
Myriad interpretations
A drop of!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The day the Music died

Walking along the corridors
absorbing the different music
being played in rooms
From rock and roll
to alternative rock
From reggae to rap
From pop to Hip hop.
Whatever you want
you have it all.

Music being shared
Music being ripped
Music being alive
Music being lived
Music being a force
making us come together.

Swooning on Kiss me
Grooving on Summer of '69
Singing along Who the fuck is Alice
Dancing on It's my life
Rocking on November Rain
Ecstasy on Comfortably Numb.

Those were the times
How young and restless were we
The nights were spent
with a drink in hand
analyzing The Wall
and interpreting American Pie.

I remember the day
the music died
was when I walked out of hostel life.
The times were changing.
jobs to do and money to earn.
All I hear now is radio in the car
with nothing new to blast my mind.

I miss those days
when a new song could
be the highlight of my day.
I guess nothing lasts forever
but I question
why not?

This poem has been an inspiration from Summer of '69 which has been a classical rock song of all times. It might be one of the most played number of dance parties and can imagine all of us at some time in our lives would have surely rocked on that song. It happens to be one of the nostalgic song for me to remind me of the dance parties attended and enjoyable carefree musical times. - Roohi