Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Monsoon

I stood in the rain
enjoying the water
splashing on me
The first monsoon
of the season
drenching me.

The sweet smell
of the soil.
The dancing birds
in the sky.
The children
jumping in the puddles.
The grown-ups
under the shelter.

How can you miss
the first monsoon.
How can you
sit back and see the rain.
How can you not come out
and enjoy the rain.

The sight and splendor
as the rain quenches
the thirst of the dry earth.
The squeals and laughter
the wet clothes
the rainbow of umbrellas
adding to the splendor.

Let's go
to dance in the rain
and feast on the waters from heaven.
We cannot delay
to miss the first drop of
the falling rain.

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