Friday, April 16, 2010

In Anticipation

My heart was fluttering
My beats were fast
My stomach was unable to eat
I was waiting for you call.
I looked at the watch
tried to kill three hours
knowing that you will call me
only after your work.

I was unable to read
I kept on running
in my head
what would I say.
I waited and waited
thought and thought
the decisions we need to make
the decisions I was scared to take.

Finally you made the call.
All that I had been thinking
miraculously vanished from my head.
All that I thought was
at least you made the call.
I didn't want to argue
to explain
to fight
to decide.
All I wanted was
for you to tell me
that you love me!

Nothing comes easy.
Was it something I said
or something I did.
The words I want to hear
are miles away.
Again as the night falls
I will start waiting for your call.

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