Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Distant Wavelengths

I wandered till I
reached a familiar sight
Saw your name engraved
on the stone.
Recalled the years of your life
not by memories but by
time line.

The soft breeze
blew my hair
covering my face
to hide the tears
slowly swelling
in my eyes.
I talked to you
making you updated
with the worldly news.

I had graduated
and mom was married.
The war had been called off
and your dearest friend
had recently joined you.
Maybe you already knew that.

I had no more to tell
I wish I could hear
your side of stories too.
I could laugh with you
and argue with you.
How dull was my life
without our little arguments.

It was time to leave
till I meet you again.
And do the same ritual
Still I thank God
That I am in same town
as you are
to come and talk to you again.


  1. Nice and vivid.....Love it!

  2. Thanks a lot Sumit. You have been always a keen reader of my poems. Thanks.