Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How beautiful you are!

Did I ever tell you
how beautiful you are.
With your long curly hair
tied in a bun
and a simple red bindi
adorning your forehead
How beautiful you look
in that yellow saree.

I can imagine
how my father would
have fallen in love with you.
You are yet to tell
me how he proposed you.

As you look in the mirror
with wrinkled skin
and falling hair.
The head covered in
a scarf
to hide the bald scalp.
I wonder what you must be thinking.

I remember seeing you
the last time.
Looking just the same
with a simple red bindi
adorning your forehead.
And I thought
Why did I never tell you
how beautiful you are!


  1. This is such a beautiful poem.

  2. She was indeed the most beautiful..... an elegance which is hard to define..... miss her badly... n di... u look xactly the same in ur blue saree... god bless u always and take care....