Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Night Drive

Cruising along
the wild
sitting in the car
listening to music that make me high.

Driving through the jungle
Through a mountainous stretch
with the ocean by your side
and hammock at the back.

Breaking of dawn
the birds flying from their nest
their morning call.

The cool ocean breeze
the first ray of sunlight
the tired nerves
driving through the night.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank You

Finally I have 10 followers!

This was the first milestone I had planned to reach. A stepping stone in my mind.
I thank you all for taking time and reading me for last 3 months and encouraging me to write more. This has truly been a very interesting and  therapeutic experience for me and I hope to continue with the same zest.

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I walked alone on a lonely road
trying to find a place to stay
looking for billboards and signboards
for a lodge to rest.

I remembered your cozy place
where I could always relax
take off all my burden
and refresh my soul.

The aroma of your clothes
and the smell of your hair
could wake me off my slumber.
Having you near by
could reinvigorate my hunger.

Why didn't I stay in that house
your heart where I could build a home.
Why am I wandering
on a lonely road
still looking for a place to stay!


Memories and thoughts
If wishes were horses
I wish had a Pensieve
to store it all!

Reduce the clutter
free my mind
to unleash it all
in a Pensieve!

Pluck the aging white hair
store it in a Pensieve
to review them after
twenty years!

The magic of Pensieve
will bring it alive
all my childhood and
dating life!

The wonderful and sad
The cherished and relinquished
Nothing will be forgotten
Nothing will be hazy
When will the Muggles
invent the Pensieve?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Requiem for a lover

She looks in your eyes
her world, her future, herself.

She holds you in her arms
the ocean enveloping her.

She sleeps next to you
sharing your warm breath.

She holds your hand and walk
supporting and strengthening her.

She laughs with you
her happiness quadrupled.

She cries with you
each teardrop becoming a pearl.

She makes love to you
shouting your name.

She waits for you to come
All is ready
The table is set
The candles are lit
And she awaits the arrival
of her lover.

Alas, she has no lover!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seasonal and perennial

First mango of the summers
First rain of the monsoon
First strawberry of the garden
First sugarcane juice to satiate thirst
First vegetable of the season!

Remembering the time
when I used to wait
to get my first bite
before frozen and all year long
came into being.

Seasonal and perennial
were different words
both dominated there own space
without rousting the other.

Do you recall
the thrill of
your mother telling
today mango is as dessert
and okra is the dish.

The novelty got lost
when watermelon was made
all year long
when the longing and wait
for the first taste
got diminished
by savoring frozen
and preserved seasonals!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Serenade Evenings

A serenade evening
good old music
of your time
having a drink
enjoying the solitude
of you and yourself.

I close my eyes
shut my mind
people cease to exist
music encapsulates me
drink envelopes me
words sink in
savoring the taste it creates.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Job frenzy

Day 0
Only handful got shortlisted
Rest all waiting to get the
good ones off the row
Wait and watch was the word
for the day to pass and
know the results.

Day 1
Few more with good GPA
good work experience
and good looks
walked the green mile.
I was still waiting by the side
to get my first look inside.

Day 2
Hopes were high
The mood was low
Handful of companies
and panic in store.
Got past group discussion
to face PI.
Nothing mattered more in life
than hearing my name being
announced as the "one".

Day 3
I am still walking
in formals.
Still waiting
The room is a funeral ground
with no one smiling
all in blacks waiting to hear
being called.

I heard the word
someone congratulating me
I was stunned to response
and people around me
were adjusting my tie
to walk inside and take the offer.

The day ended
with job in hand.
Tie was thrown and
bottle was opened.

Jubilation and celebrations
Hopes and aspirations
Dreams and fantasies
Sorrows and tears
Fear and apprehensions
Wonder what's that emotion
that you don't face
struggling for
first job on campus!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hard day work!

Ready to launch
Ready to fly
Ready to flap my wings
and fly high

Ready to plan
Ready to fight
Ready to think ahead
and design my flight.

Ready to see
Ready to feel
Ready to act
to make me feel alive.

Ready to rest
Ready to sleep
Ready to relax
feel happy and satisfied.

Contentment and delight
at the end of hard day.
Nothing compares to the feeling of
joy and pride
when I lie on the bed
and think about the day!