Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Job frenzy

Day 0
Only handful got shortlisted
Rest all waiting to get the
good ones off the row
Wait and watch was the word
for the day to pass and
know the results.

Day 1
Few more with good GPA
good work experience
and good looks
walked the green mile.
I was still waiting by the side
to get my first look inside.

Day 2
Hopes were high
The mood was low
Handful of companies
and panic in store.
Got past group discussion
to face PI.
Nothing mattered more in life
than hearing my name being
announced as the "one".

Day 3
I am still walking
in formals.
Still waiting
The room is a funeral ground
with no one smiling
all in blacks waiting to hear
being called.

I heard the word
someone congratulating me
I was stunned to response
and people around me
were adjusting my tie
to walk inside and take the offer.

The day ended
with job in hand.
Tie was thrown and
bottle was opened.

Jubilation and celebrations
Hopes and aspirations
Dreams and fantasies
Sorrows and tears
Fear and apprehensions
Wonder what's that emotion
that you don't face
struggling for
first job on campus!

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