Thursday, February 25, 2010

Malgudi days: Childhood Reminiscence

Anytime that you wish to go back to childhood and revisit nostalgia, its time to read Malgudi days. Such are the stories of the fictitious city and characters that have been created by RK Narayan (RKN) . It does not seem plausible that there's no town by this name in real India. Malgudi was conceived more as a concept but has gone beyond it to be more concrete than that. In one of the narrations of RKN he said " If I explain that Malgudi is a small town in South India I shall only be expressing a half truth, for the characteristics of Malgudi seem to me universal."

For me the book proves to be full of limitless joy - Swami and his friends remind me of the Doordharshan serial and its characteristic music which no one in our generation can forget. The wonderful cartoons by RK Laxman to illustrate the characters added more to its glorious splendor. The stories carved out of the Malgudi are so simple, the characters are simpletons and have no complexities about them. What you read  about is routine day of anyone that you are following yet by the end of it, you fall in love with the characters.

Presently, I am reading short stories of RKN (Under the Banyan Tree) whose greatest  achievement is his ability to carve a wonderful short stories in couple of pages making a memorable read for you. These are ordinary stories of ordinary people- village postman, roadside astrologer, shopkeeper, watchman, grocery shop, village dog and beggar but they are so beautifully carved that the stories are refreshing and enjoyable. You can mentally visualize and capture any Indian village reading these stories. These stories not only appeal to a particular age group but can be immense joy for anyone to read it. The characters are such that you come across them everyday in your life. This is the real success of Malgudi days being the simplicity of stories and characters and yet they stir you and touch your heart. . In the current era of internet and fast stress paced life that we all lead, it feels good to read about  a time when life appears to be at a manageable pace and complexity of issues were so naive.

I recommend for anyone who has not read Malgudi days to be the very next very book that you read. Originality, simplicity and realism of place and characters are what you will totally relate to and enjoy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pay back Moments

I was eight
As my mom combed my hair
and dad tied my shoe
I used to eat my breakfast
and run to school.

I was sixteen
Used to get up just nick on time
late night movies
had caught my sleep
No time for breakfast and no time for clean shoes
Run to school was my morning schedule.

I was twenty
when I got my first car
Time became my ally then
Life had so much to offer
than to sit with parents
and hear their woes
All I knew was friends and
rock and roll.

I was twenty four
the Graduation day
only my father could make it
as my mother had passed away.
I had to run
friend were hovering and calling me
to have photos clicked and share drinks.

Strangely not a single
photo with my dad who stood by and
was proud and happy seeing me!

I am thirty
alone and orphan
I have all the time
now to sit and listen to them.
Except now I don't hear their voices
telling me
that one day I would remember
that this is what they used to say!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Times

Gathered around the table
trying to catch
the first hint
someone guess the right name
of the picture enacted.

Sitting around the round table
All in or double
more chips and more money
by the morning
only one man standing.

Passing the bowl
chips and salsa
beer and coke
pizza and laughs
a game night it was!

Went for an adventure
hitchhiked way back
with unknown people
in unknown lands
A story it was.

Two of us
A candle night dinner
good food and wine
Time for coffee
unforgettable night it was.

Recalling the moments
with different people
at different times
a collection of good times
in my story of life!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Biking on a summer day

On a summer day
biking along the dusty road
passing the green fields
looked for a spot to rest.

Racing with each other
on curves and bends
following the trail
with wind caressing our face.

Saw a bushy tree
in the middle of a field
Spreading our sheets
lied down in the shade.

Under the clear blue sky
with the gusty wind playing on our hot face
it felt like drinking an ice cooler
on a hot sunny day.

With no cell phone and computer
just you and me
lying spent under the sky
A refreshing day it was!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Across the time
I stood by and watched you
changing from someone I knew
to someone unknown.

Across the space
the distance took its toll
and made me a stranger
to internal you.

With every worthless words exchanged
I knew the time has come to let go
than keep our souls falling down
further and further.

The moments lived
The words exchanged
The warmth of the bed shared
feels like sand falling from my hand.

I hold on to you
I hold on to the few words
I still wait for you to come
And wake me up in my sleep
hold me tight and kiss my lips.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines day!

Having a blank page in my hand
wondering what to create with my pen
Nothing coming to my head
when an idea stuck inside.

Was reminded of the day when
someone played a prank on me
Gave me a Valentines day card
in high school as a joke on me.

Those were the young bright days
when you always wished
atleast one anonymous card or rose
will be waiting for you in your bus seat.

I made an effort to get dressed
I made an effort to look hot
I made an effort to catch attention
Those endless walks around the cafeteria
and all the different hair styles.

Fun times and crazy times
Exciting times and groovy times
Acceptance and rejections
Tears and sentimentality
All for a rose on the V-day!

Times have changed
now I get roses and wines and strawberries
But you still miss that
one anonymous rose waiting for you
in your bus seat!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentines day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Carving a path

Why can't I cry
when I want to.
Why cant I let it all out
when I want to.

Why do I need to hide
my true emotions
Why can I let it fly
out of my system.

What do you need to do
to release all your emotions.
What do you need to do
to free yourself of all emotions.

I feel too entwined in my thoughts
to think of future ahead!
Why cant I let it all go
and dream of life ahead!

As I think this
the time seems to fly.
As I think this
the present keep knocking on the door.
As I think this
I do not foresee my loss.

All that's lost cannot be re-gained
All that's gone cannot be back
All that was meant to be cannot be changed.
All that I am today is because of my past
Again as before I move in circles!

Monday, February 8, 2010


My heart is lighter
My eyes are brighter
My walk has a sprint in it
I feel happier!

From the time I decided
what took me forever to decide
From the time I said Yes
I knew I was right!

"Sometimes, the only way to catch an uncatchable woman
is to offer her a wedding ring."
Sometimes only way to move ahead is to
decide to say yes!

All the days of
thinking and prodding
brooding and reflecting
fighting and agreeing
are days of past!

I have said Yes
and I eagerly await what it entails.
From the time I accepted
I could feel a burden off my head!
Happier and lighter
I move ahead!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Morning Coffee

Twilight peeping through the blinds
with the first ray of sun still not
dislodged the moon to sit on the throne.
I was feeling drowsy to get up
to begin my day.
The alarm snoozed again
making me leave my warm cozy bed to
the coffee smell filling the living room.

That's how each morning begins
with the first cup of coffee
to wake me off my slumber
and make my mind go alive.
With each sip of coffee
and stirring of spoon
warm thoughts crossing my mind
the day begins to take shape.

Like way the sun overcomes the darkness
to let the dawn set in.
It feels like the coffee
takes the dark hazy cloud
off my mind to let
the first light peep in
and begin each morning.
I say to myself have a great bright day ahead!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Loss of idleness!

I was wondering what to write when
I got the news today that
the poem I wrote got accepted
in the journal I like.

This made me ecstatic
It was the first baby step taken by me.
Made me think of
how excited must a baby get
when he takes his first step.
When he realizes that he has the power
to control his movements at his time.

I sat down to pen a poem
nothing came to my mind.
I suddenly realized
That my hobby was no longer idle time.
It had taken a form and a purpose!
How upset did that make me feel
felt that I lost my freedom
to fame and praise of worldly eyes!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Night in a Bar

As I sipped on my Bacardi
I saw my friends
round the table
all laughing and listening to music.

As we passed on the cigarette
from one lip to another
softly kissing the smoke
scattered all around the table.

Slowly the words ceased to mean
Slowly the room began to spin
Slowly the music faded with laughter
Only thing audible was the
feeling of ecstasy in my mind.

Time for shots arrived
no one knew who bought the rounds
all I knew was that I was high
on tequilla, salt and lime.
My head was swaying to the music
and someone was holding my waist
to help me finish my drink.

What a lovely evening I had
with friends by my side
everyone laughing happy and gay
An evening to be remembered
and stories to be recalled
which in yonder years might
just seem to be fiction
and the seed of someone's imagination.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day of my life!

Walking on the streets
checking on the tin cans
to find some meat
and to eat some thing.

Saw a restaurant
serving beef
thought what a treat
to get my teeth on it.

Wondered how to get close
to smell the feast
the guard outside
looked like a beast!

Saw a woman coming out
carrying the doggy bag
was happy to see
that maybe can get a snatch at.

Leaped with all my strength
only to be beaten by the guard
came limping back home
and empty stomach growling
back at me.

Remembered the good old young days
milk and bones
were easy to find
Had the strength of lion
and was ready to fight.

What a bad day today
sleep was nowhere in eyes
Snuggled in my corner
hungry and alone.
What a hard life
for poor dog on road.
Can you find me a home, please!