Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pay back Moments

I was eight
As my mom combed my hair
and dad tied my shoe
I used to eat my breakfast
and run to school.

I was sixteen
Used to get up just nick on time
late night movies
had caught my sleep
No time for breakfast and no time for clean shoes
Run to school was my morning schedule.

I was twenty
when I got my first car
Time became my ally then
Life had so much to offer
than to sit with parents
and hear their woes
All I knew was friends and
rock and roll.

I was twenty four
the Graduation day
only my father could make it
as my mother had passed away.
I had to run
friend were hovering and calling me
to have photos clicked and share drinks.

Strangely not a single
photo with my dad who stood by and
was proud and happy seeing me!

I am thirty
alone and orphan
I have all the time
now to sit and listen to them.
Except now I don't hear their voices
telling me
that one day I would remember
that this is what they used to say!


  1. that is awesome.... really your best till now.... written from the heart ;)

  2. This is really very nice yaar, and truely written from heart....