Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Morning Coffee

Twilight peeping through the blinds
with the first ray of sun still not
dislodged the moon to sit on the throne.
I was feeling drowsy to get up
to begin my day.
The alarm snoozed again
making me leave my warm cozy bed to
the coffee smell filling the living room.

That's how each morning begins
with the first cup of coffee
to wake me off my slumber
and make my mind go alive.
With each sip of coffee
and stirring of spoon
warm thoughts crossing my mind
the day begins to take shape.

Like way the sun overcomes the darkness
to let the dawn set in.
It feels like the coffee
takes the dark hazy cloud
off my mind to let
the first light peep in
and begin each morning.
I say to myself have a great bright day ahead!

1 comment:

  1. You speak my mind :-) nice job Roohi.... You have been writing so diligently as I read your blog. Looking forward to more from you!