Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Night in a Bar

As I sipped on my Bacardi
I saw my friends
round the table
all laughing and listening to music.

As we passed on the cigarette
from one lip to another
softly kissing the smoke
scattered all around the table.

Slowly the words ceased to mean
Slowly the room began to spin
Slowly the music faded with laughter
Only thing audible was the
feeling of ecstasy in my mind.

Time for shots arrived
no one knew who bought the rounds
all I knew was that I was high
on tequilla, salt and lime.
My head was swaying to the music
and someone was holding my waist
to help me finish my drink.

What a lovely evening I had
with friends by my side
everyone laughing happy and gay
An evening to be remembered
and stories to be recalled
which in yonder years might
just seem to be fiction
and the seed of someone's imagination.


  1. The poem serves as dedication to you as well and our evenings in Blues!

  2. QUOTE
    just seem to be fiction
    and the seed of someone's imagination.

    That's what it is ... since the time I moved out of my engineering college days.

    Still yearning for the those celebrated times ...

  3. I agree..i miss those carefree, thoughtless and crazy times never had them again after college days!