Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day of my life!

Walking on the streets
checking on the tin cans
to find some meat
and to eat some thing.

Saw a restaurant
serving beef
thought what a treat
to get my teeth on it.

Wondered how to get close
to smell the feast
the guard outside
looked like a beast!

Saw a woman coming out
carrying the doggy bag
was happy to see
that maybe can get a snatch at.

Leaped with all my strength
only to be beaten by the guard
came limping back home
and empty stomach growling
back at me.

Remembered the good old young days
milk and bones
were easy to find
Had the strength of lion
and was ready to fight.

What a bad day today
sleep was nowhere in eyes
Snuggled in my corner
hungry and alone.
What a hard life
for poor dog on road.
Can you find me a home, please! 

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