Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unconditional Love

The deep hazel green eyes
dimple on the left side
cooing to make me feel your presence
a smile to welcome me home.

I can't recall what I felt
when I first held you in my hand.
The time flies
I already see you growing every day
recognizing me
and your little abode.

 The unprecedented joy
The overwhelming emotions
The feeling of being wanted
The new spring of love in my life!

Your little hands
fluttering in air.
Your little legs
trying to walk ahead.
Your eyes
searching for me
knowing this is where
I can demand anything.

As we both grow older
we will learn to love each other
Sometimes we will disagree
Sometimes we will fight
Sometimes you might feel
what did you ever do to get me
in your life.

But in the hearts of hearts
we know
we are tied by strings of feelings
which will keep coiling itself
making us closer
day by day.

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