Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yet another shooting..yet another outpour

As the nation reeks under the shock and tragedy of the elementary school shooting at Connecticut , I am forced to think about my safety as well. Today I was sitting in deli and having my breakfast and coffee, I suddenly felt unsafe. Being pregnant and carrying my little daughter, the mere thought of not being able to protect her, suddenly overpowers me.

I can't help but reaching a stage of paranoia where every place I go it grocery shop, mall, theater seems a place where someone can start the whole madness of shooting innocent lives.
What am I to do? It is almost 15 years since Columbine massacre happened and we are still wondering what is the right time to talk about the gun control.

The same day that Connecticut shooting happened,  another similar incident happened in a village of China where a man stabbed 20 school children. All of them are now recovering in the hospital. But what chance do you have against this mindless gun killings? Today the country is an argument that definitely gun control needs to be addressed and at the same time the mental illness and stigma associated with it. What is more disturbing is the pattern in all these shootings where the average age of killer is not more than 25. So we are not talking about a  frustrated, tired with life , alcoholic disgruntled man of 50 but youngsters who have barely started there independent lives. Dave Cullen author of the book Columbine said in his one of the interviews that we have to take out the word "snap" from dictionary when talking about these homicidal killers as there are enough events and warning signals that lead to the event and not just happen in spur of the moment.

I feel helpless and challenged at the same time as how to make this world a safer place for our future generations. I am forced to think and act as to what action do we take and after how many more massacres will we react than just sit and mourn about the unspeakable grief. Hopefully this incident will not be erased out of public memories for long before a new one shakes us again.

So till then, what do I do?
Maybe go and buy a gun to protect my offspring! A pure animal instinct.

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