Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011

It's one year anniversary of my blog.

I started writing at the end of last year and 2010 resolve was to write. Output : 64 blog writings which by itself is not really commendable but definitely appreciable by my standards.

Again I think back and ponder of happenings of 2010. What was good, what went wrong, how could I have made it better. 2010 will actually be one of the memorable years of my life wherein again third time in my life I came face to face in the situation of seeing my loved ones fight death and this time they came out victorious much to joy of the entire family. That was the highlight event of this year.

I wish everyone a very Happy 2011. Health and happiness for all my readers. Wish that 2011 brings a lot of freshness and lot of travel. New places to explore, wander and happenings.

As the year passes
and the next year knocks
ready to bring
its hopes and fears.
Nothing comes without a price
I let this year go by
and embark on the journey
of the next year.

Hola 2011.


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