Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Union Carbide Case Verdict : A Mockery!

25 years later when a verdict is passed and justice is denied, you are forced again to think about how corrupt and infested can Indian judiciary system be.

Union carbide case pending for last 25 years passed shameful verdict on 7th June 2010 for 2 years of imprisonment and fine of $2000 for all the accused. This has been  the justice given for the largest industrial catastrophe on the face of the earth. Whom are we trying to appease here? Why even bother for case verdict? Let the case remain a bouncing ball in the hollow walls of Indian courts. The judgment seems to have more aftermaths than the tragedy itself.

How disgraceful and appalling is this verdict? More than 25000 people dead within few days of tragedy and and more than 500,000 affected. You are even left speechless to think of the amount of injustice done. Is this a joke or mockery that the courts play on common people? I am completely failing to understand as to how can this happen. I cannot even phantom the outrage of the people who have been directly affected in this case. Not in my memory I can recall a single incidence when we think that Indian judiciary system has acted swift and done justice.

How can we continue living in this ailing society? What can we do as common man who is nothing but a puppet in the hands of Indian politicians, corruption and judiciary system? How can we talk big words about India Inc, progressive modern India society when we cannot sustain basic human rights in this country.

I am a very proud Indian and these are exactly the situations that make me re-think when human life has no value in this nation. I feel ashamed and disillusioned myself at the sorry state of affairs that this great nation is in wherein the country judiciary system is so corrupted and in the hands of few industrialists. 

What do you think now at the end : we will wait for justice to be done or nothing can happen and things will remain as they are in the modern India ! Again we begin the process for appeals to higher courts and spending another quarter of century waiting for justice to be rendered to the innocent victims! What a  mockery!



  1. Well said Roohi. Even though the judicial officers repeat - justice delayed is justice denied, they dont believe in it. It is a pity that the indian judicial system doesnt have the guts to try a foreigner ! We conveniently let him fly off from this country. Shame on us. Our policitical and judicial system has gone beyonds leaps and bounds to being us enough and more of shame. - Santhosh/Cochin

  2. I cannot agree with you more on this. How can we talk about modern India and reforms and double digit growth rates every year, when as a society we are still so corrupted and puppets in the hands of few industrialists running this nation.

  3. hard to predict !!!when!!!