Monday, December 28, 2009

Hola 2010!

As the year 2009 sweeps right in front of our eyes and we reach 31st Dec, it sure is a time for reflection and think how did the year go. This is one event in the world which integrates the celebrations worldwide. Nothing beats the celebrations and the coverage of this event whether its Sydney, Singapore, Madrid, London or Times Square! Its totally festive to see the celebrations, fireworks , crowd of millions as everyone welcomes the next year at the stroke of midnight.

This is my favorite pastime of 31st Dec each year! As I lie back today and think of all the happening of 2009, it seems that 2009 was an year of transition on personal and professional front. I still remember my extreme hyperactivity on turning 30 in June 09 and ensuring that i do not remember on the day as I turn 30. The only person other than me who has behaved like that in past of I know of is actually Rachel in Friends! And then it was year of travel and flight jinx. I entered 2009 with not much hope of anything spectacular happening but overall it was a good year! Some disappointments, some tribulations and loads of memories!

I look forward to 2010 somehow thinking again that 2010 will be better than 2009 and pray of the same. The greatest part of ending an year is when you can look back and say " yeah it was a good year" For record keeping, I think 2010 will bring lot of stability and freshness with itself!

Wish everyone a very Happy New years!

Hola 2010!

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