Sunday, December 27, 2009

American History or World History- it's all same

I recently spend a great Christmas weekend with our close friends who further motivated me in writing the blog on regular basis. The great weekend ended on a extremely thought provoking and disturbing movie " American History X" making me wonder from where does hatred reap in our lives so much so that we forget what it is simply to be " human". We all are born the same way..we all are taught the same books..we all maybe inspire to have a great career, money and stability in our lives. When most of the things we think and aspire in our lives and characterized by common goals, why is it that some if us get so blown away over the journey from childhood to adolescence? Why is that we loose our goal and something else completely wipes us off the ground we are standing on. Is it passions, beliefs, thoughts or a sense of self fulfillment?

The movie totally spelled out its message loud and bold that " hatred is a baggage" and somehow we see it all around us each day of our lives! Whether you are at your work place or you listen to news and hear about all political upheavals or you go back and open your history books! You look back at all nations and there is not a single nation which has had not its share of wars and revolutions! Its said that we should learn from our mistakes and at the same time it's said that history repeats itself! A paradox..isn't?

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  1. Agree that American History X is a very thought provoking movie - not a good choice for a Christmas weekend in hindsight. History repeats itself even when people should learn from their mistakes - true its a paradox, telling you how infrequently the former happens.