Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am here. Did you notice me.

This is what seems to be happening in the new age of social networking. You get up in the morning, open your in box, waiting to read what comments did your status message and photos got which you uploaded like 3 hour before or even 9 minutes before. Whether you had your first kiss, honeymoon, anniversary celebrations , friends get together, drinking night out, game night or even a drive back from office, you feel compelled to report your day to day activities on social networking sites. Was social networking meant to be daily journal writing?

In this age when so many privacy policies are being designed , minutely scrutinized and governed by regulations, without realizing we ourselves no longer want to maintain any privacy. I have as ridiculous 500 " friends" on any site and am willing to share all my happenings of everyday life with them. What so-called privacy I can maintain and try to fight for? All that we seem to be doing or in fact are compelled to do is to maintain a social identity for ourselves and we strive to maintain that everyday of our lives. It's an image to protect for. Even if I want to communicate to 5 people of my 500 friend list, I update my status/ post pictures for the world to see. It's a world of over-sharing.

Have you ever thought how much of your time we spend on sites checking for updates of people or photos of the people we are never gonna cross paths in life. As per the statistics face book has over 500 million active users and on an average we spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Face book.

I wonder where are we headed for. Is my life becoming so governed by the social identity I maintain for myself. If I do not post any news feed for 1 week, do I fear for being out of happening cool circles. We are in a world where everyday definitions are changing. We are changing our notions of privacy, revelation and self-display. In present times, we are in the process of evolution and beginning of a of a new social norm. Either we upgrade ourselves or die a natural social death.

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