Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let me be home

I was scared

It was my fist day at play school
All I knew was
I am going to be away
from the warmth of home
and company of my toys
for eight hours
in a day.

No one had time
to play with me
Mommy had a day job
Daddy had a night job
Everyone seems
to be busy running
but no one runs
behind me
catch me if you can.

When I complained
fought and cried
threw my legs in air
I heard them say
what a thankless child
cant see their hard life.

I didn't ask for toys
I didn't ask for candy
All I asked was
read me a story in the night
play ball with me
listen to my tales
cuddle me while I sleep.
Maybe I did ask for too much.
Maybe I should thank them
for running so much
all for me.

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