Sunday, January 10, 2010

Broken Wings

Can you ever mend a broken heart
can you ever mend a broken frame
Can you ever smile at the love you lost
Can you ever forget the love you had!

Things come and things go
but remnants of past remain forever
Can you forget the past
and learn to live in present!

You remember what you have been told
Time and tide waits for none
And you try to move ahead to catch time
and all you think is how to kill time.

But you learn to smile
you learn to love the pain
you learn to gain out of sufferings
and you learn to have in faith in God above!

What's there to fight the fate for?
What's there to accept the fate for?
You eventually understand
that it was meant to be as it is!
For a good greater than
what you understand now.


  1. Hmmmmm.............

  2. How did u get this wise Ms. Girotra?!

  3. My writing such long ones:)..and very well. I liked the thoughts/message in your poems but you have to work on poem writing skills in terms of structure/framing of phrase (not that I am any good in that but this feedback is just as layman reader :P )

  4. i dnt mind some training from you Mr Sud..this was really a fluke...and totally amateur.