Saturday, January 30, 2010

Entropy control

My thoughts are playing tricks on me
saying every moment catch me if you can
they keep running helter-skelter
laughing at my state of affairs.

What a beautiful mind they say
What a conscious state of mind they say
What an alive mind they say
I say what a screwed up mind it can be!

Interestingly do you control your thoughts
or thoughts control your actions.
Who came first chicken or the egg
is this not the same confusion?

I seem to be playing cat and mice
I got to think clear
I got to stop the amok behavior
Sit back and rationalize
be logical and clear.

Mind is like a cage
Thought is a bird flying to get out of cage
It depends on you
to design its maiden flight
for your actions to boast
of a beautiful, conscious, alive mind.


  1. Lovely.......No rationalizing please. Keep 'em coming.

  2. it is really true what you have written Roohi, i like the best line--- "Thought is a bird flying to get out of cage' Excellent, keep it up, would like to read more of your poetry. Love u and God bless-- Geeta Aunty