Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I sat there on a speeding train
and watched the little villages go by
the children running with the train
and waving hands to say goodbye.

I sat behind the wheel in my car
watched the distant lights on a highway
Yellow light of a lantern in a hut
silos and granaries passing by.

I sat on a cruise ship
waiting to see the light from a lighthouse
wondering how does that feel
to see a light gleam in a the middle of dark ocean!

I sat at my home
opened the tele and saw the news
the earthquake shook the whole place
the tusnami washed the whole city
the bomb wiped the entire town!

What blazing lights and sounds
What hues of colors
What wrath of nature
What mystique of wilderness
And to destroy it all what imagination of mankind
always trying to master God's creativity!

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