Monday, January 4, 2010

Gurucharan Das - thinker of Modern India

Since my new year kinda resolution was to attempt writing each day..wondering now what to write on? Nothing motivated me today..nothing stirred my grey cell..nothing excited me about the day except for a small discussion I had with one of the cousins...the continuous debate on staying in India V/s USA.

Oh how much we have thrashed this debate in our much have we deliberated on the much have we thought that on finishing higher education we should be back where we belong! Indians by nature are emotional people, family oriented and gregarious people liking the presence of social gathering and family support. Whenever i think about this debate in my head, I am always reminded of Gurucharan Das - Harvard graduate and former CEO of Procter & Gamble India. I remember reading his interview that on three junctures in life he had a choice to make whether to stay back in US or go back to India. And in all three times he decided that it was to go back.

Personally I feel a lot motivated by Gurucharan Das and his famous quote “ You need two things: you must have the hunger for success and the desperation to achieve it. It's as if your life won't be complete until you succeed. That fundamental discontent has to be there. Got it?" I think it's all excuses of lame and lazy mind to say that nothing can happen in India and have much better life, money and growth staying abroad. You yourself should be responsible for what you make of your life or else be a blind follower of destiny!

Time for me to read his recent book " Difficulty of Being Good-On the Subtle Art of Dharma"

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