Thursday, January 28, 2010

These are few of my favourite things...

Few things I have experienced, few remain to be explored!

1. Sitting on huge French window in a high rise building seeing the city lights with a cup of coffee with light music in background.

2. Sitting next to the river stream in the silence of the night to be able to hear the sound of water hitting against the rocks. - Memories from Jim Corbett

3. Watching the sea and waves at dusk with the wind beating on your face - memories from Worli Sea face

4. Driving through a foggy day and trying to form shapes in the car's headlights- Delhi Winters

5. Watching the distant lights on a highway.

6. Listening to the thunderstorm sitting at home.

7. Repeatedly listening to the songs I love and each time that I listen I have something new to savor.

8. Lazing on weekend and reading a book I love with a cup of tea.

9. Drinking and getting high with friends I love - each time is a new experience and a new story - memories from college and work days!

10. Driving through city on a rainy day.

11. Romeo and Juliet - From the first time that I heard the song.

The list will continue to grow!

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  1. Nothing about cooking here?