Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreamy Dreams

Dreams Dreams Dreams
What a beauty is in these words
Makes you smile to think
of all the things you have in your dreams.

You dream about all that you desire
All the joys you crave for
All the success you want
All the love you can have.

Success is at your doorstep
Girlfriend is knocking on your door
Wealth is your Welcome doormat
and health is your keyhole.

What a beautiful world
is the world of dreams.
All gay and gaiety
with only colors and everything at arm's reach.

Come the reality, come the dawn
Come the labor to achieve it all
Come the hope to make it to the top
Again to enter into the wonderful
World of Dreams!

Who are you without dreams
just like a dead man walking
Who are you without hopes to do something
Hopes and Dreams come together
each giving you a reason to laugh and live a dream!

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