Monday, January 25, 2010

Conceive the future!

After watching an energetic and high paced movie " Run Lola Run" it confirms my belief to live life in "if's and but's". However idiotic and unproductive the exercise is, it does give you at times the only ray of hope that you need to keep moving forward in your life. Though am sure that lot many would disagree with me and the idealistic and yeah maybe the right way to lead life is to keep you eyes and ears open to reality and lead life as practical as you can. But who is ideal today and do you always want to live life in code of conduct policy?

In our everyday life, we follow all the rules of the game whether it is at work place, in all 50 odd relationships we are into, career and any other facet of our lives. So when you are alone with yourself and maybe have time to think, which in  any case you are always running against time, it can result into a productive and happy hobby to have and why not?

It's said that unless you dream big you cannot achieve heights. I have extrapolated that to say that unless you think of alternative way your life could be , you would not know how can you change it. Though it's a dangerous game to play at times as well, yet it's interesting and I agree that you should always be in realm of reality. You should have the sanity to know what can be changed and what cannot be changed and at what juncture in life. Here, I will quote few lines which have always helped me to move forward in my life and overcome crisis:

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

So go on and take the chance, think of alternatives and don't just make it an unproductive exercise. It should be something to make you move forward rather then lament about the past. No one can change things retrospectively but we all have abilities to mold the future. The core idea being that you need to take time out to think what you can do , what you are capable of doing and how can you go about getting what you want.  And at time that will require to break few traditional old rules!

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  1. wow .. u could be the 4th idiot in an aamir khan movie !!